Checkout share

Turn every conversion into a conversation.

What's it for?


Grow your sales and exposure by asking customers to share your products across social media and email.


Offer different discounts, free products or shipping, all based on cart content. Run competitions through your shop!

Increase conversion rate

Increase your conversions,
average order value
and repeat orders.

Pre and post-purchase

PRE-PURCHASE: Invite your customers to share your products before the purchase, on the View Cart (My Cart) page.
Test it in our demo store (please add product to cart to activate the Checkout Share dialog)
POST-PURCHASE: Invite users to share after Checkout, on the Thank You/Order Confirmation page.
Test it in our demo store (please use email [email protected] and order number: 1006 to login and see the widget )
Checkout Share invites your customers to share your products BEFORE the purchase (view cart page) and/or AFTER checkout (order confirmation page).

The app allows the user to share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email and lets you define incentives and set rules for them to do so.


Powerful incentives to Share

Give your customers an easy way to share your products and gain exposure. Offer discount codes, free products/gifts or free shipping.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Email

Familiar share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest mean higher conversion. Run competitions on social media. Create buzz around a new product. Engage through social media with value.

Elegant Design. Full Control.

Elegant design fits seamlessly into your site on the Cart and Thank You page. You can edit the dialogue, post-message, and choose which product to share among a full cart.


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Checkout Share benefits are twofold:

1. it incentivizes your customers to complete their checkout  

2. it increases repeat orders through post-purchase incentives. This makes both your checkout rate and exposure SKYROCKET!

Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that fits your business.



per month

Pre purchase - sharing cart
Post purchase - sharing order
• Share via Email
• Share on Facebook
• Share on Twitter
• Share on Pinterest
• Incentive share
• Offer free gift for share
• Offer coupon code for share
Define rules for incentive share




per month

• Pre purchase - sharing cart
• Post purchase - sharing order
• Share via Email
• Share on Facebook
• Share on Twitter




per month

• Pre purchase - sharing cart
• Post purchase - sharing order
• Share via Email