Compress Images and keep quality.

What's it for?

Faster website

Properly optimised images can save many bytes of data. With optimised images, your website will load faster.

Improved search engine ranking

Search engine ranking will improve because of faster loading speed.*

Increase conversion rate

Shoppers are impatient. Almost half of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or they tend to abandon it.**


*Google started using site loading speed for SEO ranking in 2010. You can check your page speed with this Google tool. Here is an example of PageSpeed score for optimised and unoptimised web page: PageSpeed score before compression: 75/100 - PageSpeed score after compression: 87/100

**According to surveys done by Akamai and [1], almost half of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less and they tend to abandon a website that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds [2]


Automatically optimize all existing images

When you install the app, it will go through all images and optimise them until it reaches 5 MB of images - which is FREE. After that you can subscribe to a plan and continue with optimization.

Automatically Optimize New Images.

When you add new product images or new asset images, will automatically optimize it.

Restore Original will also store your original images for 30 days, if you wish you can restore the originals at any time.

Images SEO

Rename File Name and Alt tag for every image. Optimize your images not just for site speed, but for better SEO results.

Batch Process

If you are not happy with the compression you can simply do a Batch Restore. It will restore all compressed images to the original. We keep backup for 30 days.

Same Quality, Smaller Images

There is no quality loss with LOSSLESS compression, all images will be same as original. So your products, photographs or art will look as crisp as in the originals! Compression will go up to 30%

If you choose LOSSY compression, there will be small loss in quality but it's not visible to human eye. Compression will go up to 70%

See the difference yourself (there is virtually none):


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set and forget

1. Install Crush Pics and choose compression type LOSSLESS or LOSSY
2. Choose compression mode: AUTOMATIC or MANUAL
3. If you go over 5MB/month, choose a plan that suits your needs
4. Newly added images are compressed automatically
After installing, if you choose AUTOMATIC mode, will go through all your Product images and queue them for compression. In FREE tier you have 5MB/month of free compression, after which you can purchase a plan and continue with compression. After you purchase a plan, all asset images will be added to compression queue as well. Any new image you add to products or assets will be added to queue automatically.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that fits your business.



per month


• PNG, JPEG, GIF support
30 days Backup/Restore
• Compress Product images
• Compress Asset images
Compress new images every hour




per month


• PNG, JPEG, GIF support
• 30 days Backup/Restore
• Compress Product images
• Compress Asset images
• Compress new images every hour




per month


• PNG, JPEG, GIF support
• 30 days  Backup/Restore
•Compress Product images
• Compress Asset images
• Compress new images every hour




per month


• PNG, JPEG, GIF support
• 30 days  Backup/Restore
•Compress Product images
• Compress Asset images
• Compress new images every hour






• PNG, JPEG, GIF support
• 30 days  Backup/Restore
•Compress Product images
• Compress new images every 12 hours

try it!