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Space Squirrel Ltd. is a company of e-commerce professionals focused on the Shopify platform. We develop simple-to-use, smart and efficient Shopify apps that help take your online store to the next level.
Space Squirrel has evolved from a 10-year designer + developer partnership, a larger portion of which was in e-commerce. Beginning as an icon design studio in 2007 in Croatia, it transitioned into a web and mobile dev company, and even had a stint of developing indie games. Now based in UK, we're pouring our knowledge into tools for other developers and shop owners to optimise their Shopify web shops. This is us:
Dom is a co-founder and the head developer. Being a natural problem solver and gifted coder has led to a successful career as an independent developer for the past 16 years. Initially focused on building and maintaining websites and apps for a wide range of companies, in the past 5 years he's stacked an invaluable experience with eCommerce businesses. He is now leading Space Squirrel to the forefront of Shopify applications. Creative and logical, he is staying up to date with trends and advances to make high-performing applications that small businesses in this competitive eCom market need.
Djuro is a co-founder and the head designer. She has led a successful career as an independent digital designer by honing her art tastes and design skills while intensely obsessing over web trends. Working with a plethora of clients and industries over the past 10 years, she has specialised in bringing together the web presence for eCom companies. Combining her sartorial interests and professional skills, she's been working with corporate clients in women’s apparel for the past 5 years. Her focus now is designing our Shopify apps to seamlessly fit into your online shops.

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Do you wish to contact us regarding our work? Feel free to email us directly at hi [ at] spacesquirrel [dot] net or use the contact form on this page.
If  you have questions about our apps, we will gladly answer them. You can also look for answers in each of the app's FAQ section.
In case you are already using our apps, the most efficient way to contact us would be through our Customer Service link based in your app's dashboard.
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