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Space Squirrel Ltd. is a company of e-commerce web professionals focused on the Shopify platform. We develop simple-to-use, smart and efficient Shopify apps that help take your online shop to the next level.

Space Squirrel has evolved from an 10-year designer + developer/work & life partnership. Beginning as an icon design studio in 2007 in Croatia, it transitioned into a web and mobile dev company, and even had a stint at developing indie games. Now based in UK, we're pouring our knowledge into tools for other developers and shop owners to optimise their Shopify web shops. Meet our small, remote, international team:
Domagoj Barišić, Dom is the head Developer and co-founder. Being a gifted coder and natural problem-solver early on, he's co-founded his first company at 16 years old, developing POS software after school in his rural hometown in Croatia. Since then he's stacked a wide portfolio as an independent developer. Often partnering with Djuro, in the last 5 years of freelancing he's gained an invaluable experience working closely with, and often migrating, the fast-growing women's activewear apparel eCommerce clients (ActivewearUSA, BeUp, SoybuPhatBuddha). This naturally led him into the Shopify ecosystem. Now based in London, UK  he stays up to date with trends and technology to make high-performing Shopify applications for our merchants big and small, giving them that extra boost in the high-competing eCommerce.
Đurđica Selec, Djuro is the head Designer and co-founder. She had been illustrating ever since her first mural appeared in her parents' house in the late 80's Croatia. She's discontinued her English studies to dive into art, but not before discovering the joys of graphic design and catching the entrepreneurial bug from Dom. This led to a joint string of start-ups, ranging from an icon studio, a reminder service, an illustration one, to mobile games. Alongside those, obsessing over web trends and enjoying the freedom of self-employment has fueled her decade-long freelance design career. In the last 5 of those, she has spent designing web presence for fast-paced women's activewear brands (ActivewearUSA, BeUp, Soybu, PhatBuddha). Her focus now is our apps' friendly UX and seamless UI fit into your Shopify store.
Tom Finn is the Customer Success Manager and the friendly voice you hear in all our videos. He is a passionate Canadian (just look at his Twitter handle) living in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has worked for Microsoft  implementing new training and marketing strategies. Following this he's spent 9 months with our favorite eCommerce platform, working as a Shopify Guru and learning the platform inside out. Shortly after his move to NZ, he landed this serendipitous job with Space Squirrel. Prior to all the human-centered work he's been working with animals at Parks Canada. Tom is an avid hiker and wilderness explorer and loves tinkering with woodworking and metal working. His patient streak shines while helping our clients, merchants big and small, understand and get the most out of Space Squirrel apps and grow their dream business.

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Do you wish to contact us regarding our work? Feel free to email us directly at hi [ at] spacesquirrel [dot] net or use the contact form on this page.
If  you have questions about our apps, we will gladly answer them. You can also look for answers in each of the app's FAQ section.
In case you are already using our apps, the most efficient way to contact us would be through our Customer Service link based in your app's dashboard.
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