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beat your competitors

Never lose a sale

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Online prices are constantly changing, and they are easily checked and compared. Having competitive prices equals staying relevant in increasingly competitive eCommerce landscape.

Price Beater is here to keep your Shopify store at that competitive edge. It allows your customers to give you a quote and lets you accept or reject it. Never again lose a sale for being too expensive.

Automatic & manual mode

In Automatic Mode, Price Beater will instantly add a customizable button to your product pages. You can change the button message, text and color to match your shop design. No coding is required. See it in action here.
In Manual Mode, you can design the button yourself by adding the HTML and CSS into your Shopify theme. Customization support is included upon install. Check out our demo store to see it in action.


Display a button / message next to your product price.

You can edit the text of this within the app. Want to display a button which is in keep with your theme? No problem at all. One of our staff will custom make this for you upon setup.

Find out About Your Competition

When a customer requests a price beat; an easy to use pop up will prompt them for their contact details and a field to insert the competitors URL. This will inform you which price / competitor you are beating

React on Time

Get notified by email when a customer requests a price beat.

Get on Top of everything

Organise your price beat requests through the backend of the app. Choose to allow or reject offers.


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Grow Your Business
Not only will your sales increase, your marketing database will grow considerably. Even if you decide to reject a price beat offer (incorrect quotes; not a like for like quote) you will still have the contact details to make the best offer.

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