November 29, 2016

Our First Year on the Shopify App Store

A brief overview of our experience in publishing and maintaining four eCommerce apps on the Shopify App Store so far.

Hello Friends,

Space Squirrel is deep into its first year of operating on Shopify, and we are happy to report it’s been a great start.

We now have 4 successful apps on the Shopify App Store, two of which have enjoyed their time in the spotlight as featured apps on the store.

Space Squirrel Shopify eCommerce Apps

Our client database has grown to cover 5,000 active shops and counting.

Our app design approach has been presented as best practice according to the Shopify App Store Guidelines, and our Crush.Pics banner got shortlisted among the most successful ones.

We’ve weathered some storms like the Internet-wide shut down and server fixes, which we’ve got to in less than 20 minutes of reporting. Our customer satisfaction stays our priority, and we’re certainly getting that love back with 365 reviews coming in so far, so thank you all who took a moment to leave us a 5-star!

We were honoured to have a wonderful feature written about Space Squirrel apps by our friends over at Statement, and meet them personally at the Shopify Meetup North as well as at the official UK Shopify Retail Tour, along with plenty of merchants who’ve inspired us further in our work.

This week all three of us are off on our own little UK tour, first by attending the Shopify Partner Meetup London and then by joining the A Day With Shopify partner event in Bristol, where we will present a talk on Space Squirrel's journey into the Shopify App Store ecosystem.

We hope to meet you there!

If you see us don't hesitate to say hello (we're friendly I promise)!

Durdica Selec, Djuro
Djuro is the head designer and a co-founder of Space Squirrel. She has been a designer-slash-illustrator in the web sphere for over 11 years now. Always curious to understand and ready to perfect, she won't hesitate to try out different tools and keep her skills up to date. The same hunger drives her globetrotting lifestyle and a multitude of hobbies.
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