November 30, 2016

Space Squirrel Partner Program

With over 5,000 current active users and more apps around the corner, we are rolling out an official Space Squirrel Partner Program.

Is your go-to app for optimizing images or that versatile tool you select to impress your client with a shoppable Instagram gallery? Perhaps you are recommending Checkout Share for growing exposure, or maybe Price Beater is THE sales-booster, already invaluable to your clients?

Whatever the reason, we are grateful for the continued support and want to reward you for your referrals!

We want you to earn a recurring revenue or give your clients discount for any of our apps installed through our Partner Program.

For every client project you have, you can choose one of these two plans:

  • 15% of recurring revenue - sending monthly to your PayPal, or
  • 15% discount for your client - we already have coupon code system, we just need to send you your unique code for you to forward to your clients.

You will get a guaranteed priority support with anything related to our apps. You can rest assured that your project, your clients and your team are in good hands. We strive to provide unparalleled support to your clients and to intently listen to your feedback on our service.

At the moment we are building an interface which will track your installs, however in the meantime we are processing this manually. Let us know about your interest in this program by applying. If you have any questions about the program, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

Dom Barisic
Dom is the head developer and Space Squirrel co-founder. As a natural problem solver and gifted coder, he has had a successful career as an independent developer for the past 16 years. Creativity and a rational optimism drive his approach to both product and business development. He regularly enjoys exciting new tech, new destinations and a smooth glass of whiskey.
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